Uses, features and benefits of using Self Storage in Bangkok
April 23, 2017
Storage options in Bangkok – understanding personal storage and traditional warehousing
May 27, 2017

When do people choose to use personal storage?

Do More. With More Space

Consider this. Your lovely new bride is moving in with you and she’s not so fond of your cosplay collection in the matrimonial room. Can’t leave your bride in the doorway? Or, your lovely wife has just announced success with Project Baby. And now you’ve got to relinquish that cosplay studio to start on Project Babyroom. Sound familiar?

Yes? These are just two easy reasons why we need self storage in Bangkok!

Traditionally, it is very common in Asia for married couples to live with their parents and likewise in Bangkok. Young married couples live with their parents because of budget constraints, living with one’s parents often solves child care issues as well. To alleviate this space crunch in the family home, it is not uncommon to see fishing rods, secondary school textbooks or your latex Spiderman suit placed in storage to make way for a new family member, be it a newly wedded spouse, a new baby or even a recently widowed parent.

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Families waiting to move into their new home know only too well, the godsend self storage in Bangkok is! Between 2016 and 2018, self storage in Bangkok blossomed alongside the record number of new houses introduced. With these new developments, there was a rush for families to upgrade and self storage facilities quickly expanded with up to 90% occupancy rates.

But it’s not only the locals who are using self storage in Bangkok. When expatriates relocate to Bangkok for work, they often bring their family and a container load of their entire home, only to find that the 1,000 sq. ft. condominium in downtown Bangkok cannot hold all their belongings. Many expatriates use self storage in Bangkok as an extension to their home and it makes sense to rent a small 25 sq. ft. unit that one can pay on a month to month basis. So if they need to relocate again, they are not tied down with lengthy contracts and can move on quickly with items in tow. With a high transient population of expatriates and overseas students, self storage in Bangkok is set to be a staple in how people choose to organise their belongings.

As we transcend our various life journeys, we often hold onto material items that remind us of our preceded paths. But realistically, if you’re living in any urban city today, Bangkok included, it is hard to hold on to every single memento from primary school trophies to super-hero costumes amid growing space constraints. From marriages to births, divorce and deaths, new homes, relocation, lifestyle changes or simply the need for extra storage space, self storage in Bangkok is a growing phenomenon that is here to stay. So why not give our Facility Managers a ring today so that we may be a part of each other’s journeys? Because every closed door opens up to a new experience and at Store It! self storage, we have many doors!

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