How Store It! Self Storage Works

Our range of storage space units helps you keep everything from home furniture to important documents to extra stock for your business safe and sound. Never used self-storage before? Read on to find out how it works.


Step 1

Choose the Store It! location most convenient to you

Think about when and where you will most likely travel from when you need to access your stored items. Will you be travelling from home or your work place? You have free, unlimited access to Store It! 24 hours a day, 365 days all year round. So depending on whether you are a morning lark or a night owl, you can pick the Store It! location that fits your lifestyle. Find us!


Step 2

Figure out what storage space you should have

Are you keeping collectibles, retro furniture or it-bags deserving of special care and preservation from the humid tropical climate of Bangkok? Then you would need an aircon unit rather than a non aircon one. You get to choose a unit size that best suits your needs and budget. Store It! has a wide range of unit sizes, from as small as the size of a large washing machine (1 sqm) to as large as big bedroom (14 sqm).

If you are like most of us who are not architects nor storekeepers, you may have a problem with gauging the footprint our belongings occupy. It is time to stop scratching your head, Store It! has an online Size Estimator to help you estimate the storage space you should have, and to address the hair fall at the same time. Alternatively, call us or come visit us at our office, our experienced service staff are also readily available to advise you.


Step 3

Get a quote and reserve your space

Check out the monthly rental and latest promotion for your preferred storage unit size at the chosen storage location. Get a quote here or call us at +66 2710 4088.

Reserve the unit if you are happy with it, do tell us if you are not altogether happy. All it takes is a deposit, equivalent to one-month rent to hold the unit and guarantee the special price for one month. The deposit will be credited to your account as one-month security deposit once you start storing with us, so it actually doesn’t cost anything to reserve a storage unit immediately. The security deposit is fully refundable when you move out from your storage unit#.


Step 4

Visit your chosen storage location and sign up

To save time and an extra trip, (and to help reduce carbon footprint), pack up all the items you wish to store, bring them to the chosen storage facility, meet our service manager and sign your storage agreement during office hours. You can use the storage unit right away.

However, if you are unsure about the size of the unit you have reserved, come to the facility to view the actual storage unit that you have identified before signing up. If the size is not right for you, you can still pick another size but it depends on the availability.


Step 5

Move in and lock up your unit

Move in when you are ready, we only start charging rent when you move in. During sign up, you will be given a unique pin code to access the storage facility so that you can move in anytime of the day that is most convenient for you. There are trolleys, pallet jacks and step ladders to help you with your move. We can also recommend professional movers if you need extra help with transporting bulky items.

For helpful tips on how to pack your items well for storage: Storage Tips

Be sure to lock your unit with a padlock and keep the keys safely. Your items are kept safe in our 24 hours CCTV monitored storage facility.


Step 6

Access your stored items whenever you need

You can access your storage unit anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using your own unique pin code. And don’t forget to bring the key to your padlock as we don’t hold any spare key at all.

# The sum of rent refunded is subject to the terms and conditions of your move-in contract.